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Accounting and Tax, Business Advisory Accountants, Compliance, SMSF and Forensic Accounting.

Finding the right accountant to manage all your taxation, business, and individual accounting requirements doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Kingston & Knight, we’ve built the foundations of our practice on simple, reliable, and professional accounting services that are cost-effective and efficient. We understand that our clients have bigger fish to fry – whether you are an individual seeking our accounting services, or a commercial client requiring a more comprehensive bookkeeping or accounts management service, Kingston & Knight takes care of the details so you can get on with the things that matter most to you, your business, or your family.

Our highly-competitive pricing, friendly service, and the professional integrity which has come to form the backbone of our business, ensure that all Kingston & Knight clients are more than just looked after, they are thoroughly taken care of and left without a thing to worry about regarding the books or accounts.

Kingston & Knight has developed a comprehensive suite of accounting services that ensure there is something for everyone in our list of services. Key areas for us include:

  • Individual, business, and commercial accounting services
  • Audit and assurance services
  • Taxation and compliance services
  • Business advisory services
  • Outsourced CFO services
  • Investigative and forensic accounting services
  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) services
  • Tailored accounting services based on your specific requirements.

To learn more about Kingston & Knight, the sort of services we offer and how they are delivered, read on. The following list of services is designed simply to give you an idea as to the services we offer, and it is not at all exhaustive. We are capable of creating a range of tailored packages that suit the specific needs of specific clients.


Our Services

Accounting Services

Quality accountancy services with efficiency and accuracy.

Whether your accounting needs are complex or straightforward, personal or business based, working with an experienced accountant can ease your compliance burden. Our focus is to deliver quality accountancy services with efficiency and accuracy to free you from financial administration and management. Read more

Outsourced CFO

A shift from the traditional finance function.

The role of CFOs has changed dramatically from the traditional corporate accountant to a much broader role with greater responsibilities. By outsourcing this finance function, we can enable you and your executives to improve business performance and shareholder value. Our advisers will help you drive growth by effective financial management and provide insights through the interpretation of your business outcomes. Read more.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Helping make your superannuation… super!

While setting up a SMSF may seem straightforward, the administration and management can be time consuming and complex. If appropriate for your circumstances, we can guide you through the establishment and ongoing management of your Self-Managed Super Fund, as well as implement the most suitable strategy to help you meet your goals. We can assist you to understand the benefits, obligations and responsibilities of an SMSF structure. Read more.

Audit and assurance

Improve the value and sustainability of your business.

Whether you’re a listed company, private business or community organisation, now, more than ever, it’s essential you have greater assurance over risk and financial reporting. From financial statement auditing to risk consulting, our advisers will provide the full breadth of audit and assurance services to manage these risks, in turn improving your business processes and financial reporting. Read more

Business advisory

Realise greater growth and profitability.

Navigating market changes can be challenging for any business. Our goal is to help you identify opportunities at any stage of your financial life cycle, ensuring you continue to meet your business needs in complex market environments. From startup through to expansion, tax advisory to accounting, we can provide a multidisciplinary approach to managing the entirety of your affairs. Read more.

Tax and Compliance

Working with you to reduce your tax exposure

Navigating the complexities of taxation can be a critical factor for all individuals and businesses. In collaboration with you, we will seek ways to reduce your tax liabilities and find value for you to unlock. Read more.

Forensic and Investigative

Our forensic specialists are distinguished by their technical expertise, knowledge, commercial acumen and proven track record. We evaluate and present our findings in a clear and concise manner for a financial claim, prosecution or assessment of associated risks in the fraud environment.
Our specialists offer unrivalled multi-disciplinary capability to aid clients in complex areas of family law, valuation, commercial litigation, fraud, digital forensics and investigation services. Read more.

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Kingston & Knight Accountants is an experienced team of  Accounting Services, Audit and Assurance Services, Taxation and Compliance Services, Outsourced CFO, Business Advisory services, Investigative and Forensic Accounting Services, and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Services.We are here to help you determine if there has been a violation of your legal rights, and offer an initial telephone consultation, free of charge, to determine if we are able to assist you with your matter.

Kingston & Knight – Our Services

Accounting Services

Premium Business, Individual, and Commercial Accounting Services

As a smaller accounting firm, Kingston & Knight has built the foundations of its practice upon the fundamentals of accounting service. Even as we have expanded over the years, we have kept true to the core principles of great accounting service – this includes establishing and growing professional relationships with clients and ensuring that their accounting needs are looked after. Kingston & Knight is capable of managing any of your accounting requirements, no matter how simple or complex the matter at hand is, we have the team and the experience to handle it effectively. Our core goal is to ensure that our clients are free of the burdens that come with financial administration and accounts management, allowing them to spend their valuable time pursuing and improving their core operations.

Legislation and industrial trends and changes managed with efficiency and detail

Kingston & Knight has the experience and insight to ensure that you, your business, or your organisation is kept up to date with all relevant changes that may affect your industry or area of operations. We believe this is a core part of good accounting service, as we understand the headaches that can come from being caught out of the loop during sudden changes in industry trends or regulation. This includes taxation policy and market trends, which we can forecast effectively through our team of expert advisors and our suite of professional accounting programs and cloud-based software.

Cloud-based accounting and real-time collaboration between you and your accountant

The key to successful accounts management is collaboration between the owner and the manager. Kingston & Knight has developed this understanding through professional experience, and has incorporated it into our service. Cloud-based accounting software enables us to track your financial situation in real time, and provide you with forecasts and detailed information based on the specifics of your industry or operations.

Audit and Assurance Services

Improve your business or organisation’s sustainability and value

Whether you are operating as a sole trader, income earner, community organisation or corporate firm, it is now more important than ever to have a detailed level of insight into the risks the financial reporting obligations affecting your operations. Kingston & Knight has developed a set of audit and assurance services that provide a comprehensive level of risk management and assurance for you and your organisation, improving your core financial processes and making the financial reporting process significantly easier.

Risk management services

Kingston & Knight’s track record in managing specific risks associated with our clients’ industries allow us to protect your financial interests by providing accurate and up-to-date risk forecasts in real time, which we can communicate to you instantly through our client-accountant software packages.

Internal Audits and Risk Management

The importance of internal auditing for the purpose of managing risks cannot be overstated. This is why it is important to have access to an accounting firm which works with you to build an understanding of any underlying processes or problems affecting your operations. Regular internal audits not only protect you from unforeseen financial risks, they also improve the value of your organisation by demonstrating a high level of accountability and foresight.

Taxation and Compliance Services

Taxation is a complex factor that no credible business can avoid in their legitimate operations. However, Kingston & Knight has the professional experience and insight into taxation policy and procedure to ensure that your organisation maintains a streamlined level of taxation exposure, maximising your efficiency and value.

Through the practical and insightful advice offered by Kingston & Knight’s expert financial advisors, we can assist you in maximising your returns during the taxation period.


Easing your compliance burden

As your organisation grows, so too does the burden of complying with taxation requirements and other regulatory constraints. Kingston & Knight is aware of this, and operates to ensure that you are not left baffled by the compliance process. Our advice and services will ensure that your compliance obligations are met ahead of time, reducing the risk of any unwanted interference in your operations.

Outsourced CFO

Shifting away from the traditional finance function

CFOs and their role in finance have shifted dramatically over recent years. No longer are they a traditional corporate accounting service, the role of CFOs has broadened to encompass a range of financial responsibilities. Kingston & Knight is here to assist your organisation in outsourcing its finance function to improve market performance and value. This is key to driving growth and managing financial risk, and will greatly assist you in gaining insight into the possible interpretations of your business outcomes.

Business Advisory services

Realise your potential for greater growth and profitability

With expert financial advice comes the capacity to effectively navigate changes in market trends and regulatory changes. Kingston & Knight’s goal in this regard to assist your organisation in identifying and managing any relevant risks and/or opportunities present at your stage in the financial life cycle, from the start-up phase right through to expansion and consolidation, we are here to assist you in maximising your use of opportunities and minimising interference from the specific risks affecting your operations.

Some of the main elements of our business advisory service include:

  • Assisting you in understanding key drivers of growth and profit
  • Gaining practical growth results for your organisation
  • Achieving the best possible outcomes for businesses or organisations experience financial difficulty

Establishing and building effective business strategies

Investigative and Forensic Accounting Services

Kingston & Knight’s specialist forensic and investigative accounting team is distinguished by its professional expertise and experience, as well as a proven track record providing accurate and practical evaluations and findings to clients seeking insight into certain financial proceedings. Our capabilities are unrivalled when it comes to aiding clients in understanding and managing the risks and complexities associated with a variety of financial and legal processes.

With a combination of accounting, business, financial, and court experience, Kingston & Knight’s insight into forensic and investigative accounting techniques enable us to manage and protect your interests with unparalleled efficiency.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Services

Kingston & Knight assists a variety of clients in the establishment and management of self-managed super funds, ensuring that the entire process from start to finish is handled effectively and efficiently. We are able to advise you on how best to structure and manage your SMSF, including the associated risks, benefits, and responsibilities involved in SMSF management.

Our team manages the paperwork and administrative details to free-up your time for use in core operations. Kingston & Knight is more than capable of maximising the performance and efficiency of your SMSF so you can focus on your own goals.


Why Us

With this in mind, the key to successfully navigating such a prosperous, yet somewhat uncertain commercial landscape is to rely on the services of a flexible yet highly professional accounting firm with the experience and integrity to manage your interests and protect your finances during times of change. Kingston & Knight understands this, and has put together a team made up of some of Melbourne’s best accounting talent to ensure that you and your business or organisation can focus on your operations rather than the worrying about the accounts.

Melbourne’s economy is booming, and we are set to become the biggest city (and biggest economy) in the country over the coming decades. Things are changing, sometimes at an unpredictable pace. From competition and consumer trends to the overarching regulatory framework and federal legislation, the coming years are sure to be filled with excitement, but also uncertainty.

In addition to the Kingston & Knight ethos, centred on client satisfaction and accountability, our firm is accredited by a range of key bodies, including:

  • CPA
  • CA
  • Tax Institute
  • We are an ASIC agent
  • We are Tax agents


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